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Ash, Timothy Garton: The File, A Personal History. Random House. New York: 1997. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

The author was spied upon when he was a student in the old German Democratic Republic. Years later, after the fall of Communism, he was able to see the file that had been developed about him. In this way he came to learn who had collaborated with the régime to betrayed him.

Stefan Aust: Baader-MeinhofAust, Stefan: Baader-Meinhof, The Inside Story of the RAF. Oxford University Press. New York: 2009. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. xxii, 458. Illustrated: (8) pp. of plates. Index. Fine copy in fine dust-jacket. $45.00

The Red Army Faction was an urban terrorist group which operated in Germany in the 1970s, although after the arrest and death of its original members others took up the cause and it continued into the 1990s. This exceptionally interesting history was written by a man who was at the fringes of the group and knew many of the members. He developed a collection of documents, photographs, and recordings on which this ‘inside story’ is based. Also, he wrote the screenplay for the movie Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (2008).

Here is the statement of purpose written by Ulrika Meinhof after she was captured: “Nauseated by the proliferation of the conditions they found in the system, the total commercialization and absolute mendacity in all areas of the superstructure, deeply disappointed by the actions of the student movement...they thought it essential to spread the idea of armed struggle.”

[Austrian Post Office]: Kriegs-Postbüchel 1917 [War-Postbooklet 1917]. Wien: Verlag der vereinigten postalischen Vereine. 1917. First edition. 28 pp. stapled. 6 3/8 x 3 7/8 inches. Paper browned from age. Wrappers. Stamped on the front: “Anna Kreuziger / Briefausträgerin [Anna Kreuziger / Letter carrier].” $25.00

This is a most interesting ephemeral item, which includes such things as a list of name days, notable historical events, a table of postage rates and so on. It appears to have been given out by the Austrian Post Office to its customers.

Bailey, George: Germans, The Biography of an Obsession. The Free Press/Macmillan. New York: 1991. First edition thus. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xiv, 506. Maps. Index. Fine copy in fine dust-jacket. $18.00

George Bailey was an American journalist who spent most of his life in Germany. His book was originally published in 1972, so this version is "enlarged and updated."

Larent Binet: HHhHBinet, Laurent: HHhH. Translated from the French by Sam Taylor. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. New York: 2012. First American Edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. 330. Fine copy in dj. Originally published by Éditions Grasset et Fasquelle (Paris: 2009). $14.00

The title of this ‘novel’ comes from a remark made about Reinhard Heydrich: Himmlers Hirn heißt Heydrich [Himmler's brain is called Heydrich] The author explains by telling us, with little elaboration, that two girlfriends, the beautiful young Aurélia and the gorgeous Natacha, encouraged his interest in the May 1942 assassination of the Reichsprotektor. So he took up watching DVDs and a lot of TV—he was glued to the History Channel. The result is rather hard to take, and frankly I do not understand why the book won the Prix Goncourt du Premier Roman. Inevitably a film was made, and not surprisingly it is wildly inaccurate.

However, if you are interested in the story of what happened to Heydrich, I can recommend the documentary film, SS-3, described below and Robert Gerwarth's Hitler's Hangman (Yale University Press: 2011), copies of which I hope to offer here at some point. In this regard I might mentioned how my own interest developed. In 1965 I had the good fortune to visit Prague. It was only twenty years after the end of the War when the city and time itself seemed frozen. With a Czech friend I went to the church on Resslova Street where the dénouement of Heydrich's assassination had played out. In those days the church was closed to visitors—the Communists in control were particularly sensitive to reminders of resistance. But 25 years later when things had changed considerably, I returned to Prague, met my friend again and together we were able to go in and see the bullet-scarred Crypt where the assassins had perished. As it happened President Vaclav Havel had been there only a week before and had left a wreath. There was nothing I could do to match this gesture, but it was a very poignant experience for us both finally to see a place that is sacred in the Czech memory.

Bock, Claus Victor: Untergetaucht unter Freunden, Ein Bericht 1942 Amsterdam [Immersed Amongst Friends, A Report 1942 Amsterdam]. Castrum Peregrini Press. Amsterdam: 1989. First edition. 8vo. Paper-bound. Pp. 164. Namenverzeichnis [Index of Names]. Inhalt [Index]. Text in German. Covers a bit darkened, else fine. $40.00

Claus Victor Bock was a German Jewish boy who was sent by his family to a Quaker school in The Netherlands where they thought he would be safe. When the Germans invaded, he faked his own death and was hidden by various friends, among them Gisèle d'Ailly who had a small apartment on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. His story is exceedingly dramatic. After the War he became a Professor of German at Birkbeck College, London, and then retired to live in the same Amsterdam house with the friends who had once sheltered him.

Büchner, Georg: Plays. Translated with an Introduction by Geoffrey Dunlop. Gerald Howe. London: 1927. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed patterned boards. No dj. Very good copy. $25.00

Canetti, Elias: The Torch in My Ear. Farrar Straus Giroux. New York: 1982. First printing (published originally as Die Fackel im Ohr by Carl Hanser Verlag: 1980). 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. (x), 372, (ii). Near fine copy in price-clipped dust-jacket. $18.00

Carruthers, Bob (editor): Servants of Evil, New First-Hand Accounts of the Second World War From Survivors of Hitler's Armed Forces. Foreword by Simon Trew. Carlton Books. London: 2001. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xvi, 270, (ii) Illustrated with 16 pages of plates. Checklist. Index. Fine copy in dust-jacket. $20.00

Issued in conjunction with a television program which featured oral histories by a number of former soldiers and sailors in the German military. Included are experiences such as the Blitzkrieg, the U-boat war, the conflict in the air, and the defeat at Stalingrad.

Charman, Terry: The German Home Front 1939-45. Philosophical Library. New York: 1989. First edition. 4to. Boards. Fine copy in dj. Profusely illustrated account of life in Germany during the War. $28.00

Len Deighton: WinterDeighton, Len: Winter, A Berlin Family 1899-1945. Hutchinson. London: 1987. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $28.00

Dornach, Karl, Richard Müller, Dr. Mycinski: Österreich-Kalender/Austrian Calendar/Calendrier Autricien 1928. Wagner'sche Univ-Buckdruckerei. Innsbruck: 1928. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Ribbon marker. Illustrated. Text in German, English and French. Includes a stapled booklet with a list of hotels, and a postcard from Kärnten. Very good copy, although the staples in the booklet are rusted. $25.00

In the 1920s Austrians were divided by a vexing political issue. Here is the case for the right-wing view: “Austria's cultural union with Germany is beyond dispute and already exists. A political union between the two countries is for Austria a vital necessity”. Ten years later that political union was achieved, following the ferocious insistence by the Austrian who was then the German Führer, Adolf Hitler. It was a union that was to bring dishonor and devastation to Austria.

Fest, Joachim: Plotting Hitler's Death, The Story of the German Resistance. Translated by Bruce Little. Henry Holt. New York: 1996. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. (xii), 420. Illustrated. Notes. Chronology. Short Biographies. Index. Fine copy in dj. $22.00

Friedrich, Otto: Before the Deluge, A Portrait of Berlin in the 1920's. Joseph. London: 1974. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xiv, 418. Illustrated: (24) pp. of plates. Notes on Sources. Index. Very good copy in taped dj with one flap torn. $35.00

Gehlen, Wilhelm R. and Don A. Gergory: Jungvolk, The Story of a Boy Defending Hitler's Third Reich. Casemate. Phildelphia: 2008. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. x, 326. Illustrated: (16) pp. of plates. Fine copy in dust-jacket. $15.00

Robert E. Norton: Secret Germany[George, Stefan], Robert E. Norton: Secret Germany, Stefan George and His Circle. Cornell University Press. Ithaca and London: 2002. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. xviii, 848, (xiv). Illustrated: (34) pp. of plates. Notes. Checklist. Index. Fine copy in dj. $35.00

Stefan George is not known much in the English-speaking world—nor apparently now in his native Germany—but in the early years of the 20th Century his influence was considerable. This is the first biography of him written by someone not in his immediate circle. George cultivated a group of young men who embodied what he considered to be the ‘Secret’ Germany, as opposed to the larger bourgeois society which could not or would not appreciate his attitudes. However, his model of a select group of acolytes devoted to an ideal was an uncomfortable one for Germany in the 1930s. It is a fascinating story, well written.

Grass, Günter: Local Anaesthetic. Translated by Ralph Manheim. Harcourt, Brace & World. New York: 1969. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

Gill, Anton: An Honourable Defeat, A History of German Resistance to Hitler, 1933-1945. Henry Holt & Company. New York: 1994. First American edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

This is the story of the scattered and ultimately unsuccessful efforts to bring Hitler down or to kill him. Many different people were involved—union leaders, priests, communists, students, and a few in the Army and Foreign Service. They acted with great courage in spite of the constant threat of betrayal.

Grass, Günter: The Meeting at Telgte. Translated by Ralph Manheim. Afterword by Leonard Forster. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. New York: 1981. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

Heinrich, Willi: The Savage Mountain, A Novel. Translation of Der Goldene Tisch (Stahlberg Verlag; Karlsruh: 1956) by Oliver Coburn and Ursula Lehrberger.Weidenfeld & Nicolson. London: 1958. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. 320. Foxed, very good in dust-jacket. $42.00

Hesse, Hermann: Klingsor's Last Summer. Cape. London: 1971. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Very good copy in dj. $28.00

Hesse, Hermann and Thomas Mann: The Hesse-Mann Letters, Correspondence 1910-1955. Edited by Anni Carlson and Volker Michels. Translated from the German by Ralph Manheim. Annotations by Wolfgang Sauerlander. Foreword by Theodore Ziolkowski. Harper & Row. New York: 1975. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xxiv, 196, (ii). Illustrated: (6) pp. of plates. Works Cited. Index. Fine copy in dj. $12.00

Hildesheimer, Wolfgang: Marbot. Translated by Patricia Crampton. George Braziller. New York: 1983. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. (vi), 246, (iv). Index of personal names. $12.00

Hochhuth, Rolf: Soldiers, An Obituary for Geneva, A Tragedy. Translated by Robert David MacDonald. Deutsch. London: 1968. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Near fine copy in dj. $15.00

Högl, Günther (editor): Widerstand und Verfolgung in Dortmund 1933-1945, Katalog zur ständigen Ausstellung in der Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Steinwache [Resistance and Persecution in Dortmund 1933-1945, Catalogue of the Permanent Exhibition at the Steinwache Memorial]. Dortmund: 1992. Large 8vo. Pictorial boards. Text entirely in German. Fine copy as issued without dj. $150.00

This is a profusely illustrated and fully documented account of the resistance to the Hitler régime in one German city, Dortmund. A surprising number of people were involved, among them clergy, youth, members of various social groups, workers, communists, and intellectuals. The Steinwache was a prison in which many were incarcerated. It is now a memorial to their sacrifices. Visitors have free access and may enter the cells, each of which has a display of photographs and documents about one of the persecuted groups.

Johnson, Eric A. and Karl-Heinz Reuband: What We Knew, Terror, Mass Murder, and Everyday Life in Nazi Germany, An Oral History. Basic Books. Cambridge: 2005. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Notes. Index. Fine copy in dj. $12.00

Kerr, Philip: The Lady From Zagreb, A Bernie Gunther Novel. A Marian Wood Book/G. P. Putnam's Sons/Penguin Group. New York: 2015. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. (x), 422. Fine copy in dust-jacket. $16.00

Philip Kerr: A Man Without BreathKerr, Philip: A Man Without Breath, A Bernie Gunther Novel. A Marian Wood Book/G. P. Putnam's Sons/Penguin Group. New York: 2013. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. (x), 466, (iv). Remainder mark on bottom edge, else fine copy in dust-jacket. $16.00

Philip Kerr has written more than a dozen novels about his cynical, but very appealing, detective, Bernie Gunther. They cover his various careers as a homicide inspector with the Berlin police, a private detective, head of security in a five-star hotel, and as a dogsbody for the likes of Reinhard Heydrich. This story concerns events in 1943, when under the orders of Joseph Goebbels, he is sent to Smolensk to investigate the murder of over 4,000 Polish officers and NCOs three years previously by the Russian NKVD. The background to this is that Stalin was determined to destroy Poland's potential as a nation and so he approved Beria's plan to eliminate all Polish leaders, especially the officer corps of their army. Almost 22,000 were murdered at five sites. The most notorious of these was at Katyn Forest after mass graves were discovered by the advancing German Army and then revealed in a blaze of publicity. It was learned later that Stalin's plan included that over 60,000 relatives of the officers were deported to Central Asia. In addition, and for good measure, 65,000 Polish Jews, who had fled the German advance but refused Soviet citizenship, were also sent to the East.

Kessler, Count Harry: Berlin in Lights, The Diaries of Count Harry Kessler (1918-1937). Introduction by Ian Buruma. Translated and edited by Charles Kessler. Grove Press. New York: 1999. First American Edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. xx, 536. Illustrated. Index. Fine copy in dj. $16.00

Kirst, Hans Hellmut: A Time for Payments. Translation of Alles hat seinem Preis by J. Maxwell Brownjohn. Collins. London: 1976. First edition thus. 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $20.00

Laqueur, Walter: Germany Today, A Personal Report. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. London: 1985. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $12.00

Leibovitz, Liel and Matthew Miller: Lili Marleen, The Soldier's Song of World War II. W. W. Norton. New York: 2009. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. viii, 248. Illustrated: (8) pp. of plates. Notes. Checklist. Index. Fine copy in dj. $12.00

Mann, Thomas: The Magic Mountain. Translated from the German by H. T. Lowe-Porter. Illustrated by Gonzalo Fonesca. The Franklin Library. Franklin Center, 1981. First edition thus. 8vo. Full leather gilt, a.e.g. As new without dj as issued. $25.00

Moeller, Felix: The Film Minister, Goebbels and the Cinema in the ‘Third Reich’. Foreword by Volker Schlöndorff. Translated from the German by Michael Robinson. Edition Axel Menges. Stuttgart: 2000. First edition thus (originally published by Henschel Verlag, Berlin:1998). 4to. Cloth. Pp. 216. Illustrated. Notes. Bibliography. Index of Names. Fine copy in dj. $35.00

[von Moltke], Otto Friedrich: Blood and Iron, From Bismarck to Hitler, The von Moltke Family's Impact on German History. HarperCollins. New York: 1995. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

Hans Mommsen: Alternatives to HitlerMommsen, Hans: Alternatives to Hitler, German Resistance Under the Third Reich. Translated and annotated by Angus McGeoch. With an Introduction by Jeremy Noakes. Princeton University Press. Princeton and Oxford: 2003. First edition thus. 8vo. Boards. Pp. (vi), 314. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

An academic study, written in a nearly incomprehensible style, apparently attempting to prove that German culture and history discouraged active resistance to the Hitler regime. And yet there were many thousands of brave souls who courted persecution and even death to end the twelve-year nightmare. Please see under Högl here for a very different appreciation of the opposition to the Nazi régime.

Neitzel, Sönke and Harald Welzer: Soldaten, On Fighting, Killing, and Dying, The Secret World War II Transcripts of German POWs. Alfred A. Knopf. New York: 2012. First American edition. 8vo. cloth. Pp. x, 438. Illustrated. Appendix. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Small red dot on bottom edge, else near fine in near fine dust-jacket. $18.00

German soldiers captured during the Second World War were interned. They spoke among themselves freely about their experiences, but unbeknownst to them their conversations were secretly recorded by British Intelligence. The transcripts—called here protocols—of what they said were translated, eventually archived at the Public Record Office in Kew Gardens, and then forgotten, until they were finally found, beginning in 2001. Among the many stories was one by Sergeant Schmid told on 20 June 1942 about two 15-year old Russian boys, in military uniform, who were captured but told to go westward and let go. Once out of sight they disappeared, clearly intending to return to their unit. So a “large detachment was immediately sent to look for them, but they couldn't find them. And they they caught the two boys. . . (Our people) behaved well and didn't kill them there and then.” However, the boys were handed over to others who made them dig their own graves. In telling this story Sgt. Schmid clearly indicated his respect for the boys: “The other was told to push the first into the pit before he was shot himself. And he did so, smiling—a boy of fifteen! There's fanaticism and idealism for you!”

Read, Anthony and David Fisher: Kristallnacht, The Nazi Night of Terror. Random House. New York: 1989. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $14.00

Reimer, Robert C. and Carol J. Reimer: Nazi-retro Film, How German Narrative Cinema Remembers the Past. Twayne Publishers. New York: 1992. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xxii, 258, (viii). Illustrated. Appendices. Notes and references. Selected bibliography. Index. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

[Riefenstahl, Leni], Steven Bach: Leni, The Life and Work of Leni Riefenstahl. Knopf. New York: 2007. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. (ii), x, 388. Illustrated. Notes. Checklist. Index. Small red remainder dot on bottom edge; else fine copy in dj. $15.00

[Riefenstahl, Leni], Jürgen Trimborn: Leni Riefenstahl, A Life. Translated from the German by Edna McCown. Faber and Faber. New York: 2002. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. (ii), xii, 354. Illustrated: (24) pp. of plates. Notes. Checklist. Index. Small black remainder dot on top edge; else fine in dj. $25.00

Karl Rieger: Photograph[Rieger, Karl]: A Family Photograph Album Celebrating the Life of a Luftwaffe Airman. Heilbronn: 1920s/40s. Cloth binding with string (broken). About 11 x 8 5/8 inches. 18 leaves, many with glassine interleaves. Most of the photographs are held in place with photo corners, but there are some which are pasted down and a number are loose. Very good condition. For much more information about this unique item, please click here. $850.00

Roseman, Mark: A Past in Hiding, Memory and Survival in Nazi Germany. Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt and Company. New York: 2001. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. xviii, 494. Notes. Checklist. Index. Fine copy in dj. This is the story of Marianne Strauss, a Jewish girl, who managed to survive for two years with false papers and the support of friends. $18.00

Roseman, Mark: The Wannsee Conference and the Final Solution, A Reconsideration. Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt. New York: 2002. First edition. Two-tone boards. Pp. (xii), 212. Appendix. Notes. Index. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

A meeting at a villa in Wansee, near Berlin, in January 1942 was convened by Reinhard Heydrich to formalize what had been going on for some time, the removal and murder of Europe's Jews.

[Speer, Albert], Joachim Fest: Speer, The Final Verdict. Translated by Ewald Osers and Alexandria Dring. Harcourt, Inc. New York: 1999. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xii, 420. Illustrated. Notes. Checklist. Index. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

Albert Speer was one of the most interesting figures in Hitler's inner circle. Their relationship was based in part on shared notions of rebuilding Berlin on a monumental scale, plans for which they worked on together. In the end nothing was achieved, except the Chancellery building, although that was destroyed in the War. What is remembered now are Speer's spectacular stagings of the Nürnberg Nazi Party rallies in the 1930s. One of them was memorably filmed by Leni Riefenstahl.

Stern, Fritz: Dreams and Delusions, The Drama of German History. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. London: 1987. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. x, 326. Index. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

Stern, James: The Hidden Damage. Chelsea Press. London: 1990. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xii, 372. Fine copy in dj. Originally published at New York by Harcourt Brace, 1947. $40.00

Just after the War the author and his friend, W. H. Auden, were sent by the American Army to the devastated Germany to do an assessment of the damage there. In this book he records what he observed. It is a sympathetic account of people who retain their humanity despite everything that had happened to them.

Treichel, Hans Ulrich: Lost. Translated by Carol Brown Janeway. Pantheon. New York: 1999. First edition. Small 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $10.00

(Map of Post-War Occupation Zones): Übersichtskarte über die Zonenabgrezung nebst Übergangsbahnhöfen [General map of the occupation borders together with the principal railway stations]. Herausgegeben mit Genehmigung der Militärregierung Nr 1118/7 von der Westring Verlags- und Vertriebs-Gesellschaft, Duisberg [Distributed with the approval of the military authorities . . .] Carl Lange Verlag. Duisburg: 20 November 1945. Broadside. 25 x 17 1/2 inches. The paper has yellowed somewhat, and the map was folded; the central fold has now separated about half way. $60.00

This map shows post-War Germany divided into four zones: British, Russian, American, and French. The British zone from Dahlem in the south to Flensburg in the north is shaded in green. An unusual ephemeral item.

Vinogradov, V. K., J. F. Pogonyi and N. V. Teptzov: Hitler's Death, Russia's Last Great Secret from the Files of the KGB. Chaucer Press. London: 2005. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. 400. Illustrated. Appendices. Index. Fine copy in fine dust-jacket. $18.00

This is a collection of documents and photographs from the Russian security archives detailing the last days of Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels. It includes the interrogations and statements of Field-Marshall Schörner and of Hitler's security chief, Rattenhuber, among many others. Also, there is the full text of Martin Bormann's diary. It might be noted too that the book reveals that on the orders of the KGB Chairman Andropov in 1970 the remains of Hitler and his palladins were cremated and the ashes thrown into the River Ehle near the East German village of Biederitz.

To purchase, please send me an e-mail from my Order page. Thank you for your interest and support.


A few interesting Recordings and Films

Amen. Directed by Costa-Gravas. Screenplay by Costa-Gravas and Jean-Claude Grumberg. Based on the play The Deputy by Rolf Hochhuth. Starring Ulrich Tikur, Mathieur Kassovitz, Ulrich Mühe, Michael Duchaussoy. 2002. Color. DVD with widescreen format. In English. Fine copy with original liner notes. $18.00

A deeply affecting film about an S.S. officer who witnesses the horrors of the concentration camps and decides to approach the Catholic hierarchy in the hope that the Pope will speak out against the holocaust.

Die blaue Stunde. Directed by Marcel Gisler. Starring Andreas Herder, Dina Leipzig. 1992. 87 minutes. In German with English subtitles. Widescreen format. Fine copy with original artwork. $18.00

Das Boot, The Director's Cut. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen. Starring Jürgen Proschnow, Herbert Gronemeyer, Klaus Wennemann. Columbia Tristar. 1981. 209 minutes on two sides of the DVD. Widescreen format. Various language options with or without English subtitles. Behind the Scenes documentary. Fine copy. $25.00

Eine Liebe in Deutschland [A Love in Germany]. Directed by Andrzej Wajda. Starring Anna Schgulla, Marie-Christine Barrault, Armin Mueller-Stahl. Columbia. 1984. VHS Movie. 107 minutes. In German with English subtitles. Case a bit worn. $18.00

Comedian Harmonists: Die grossten ErgolgeComedian Harmonists: Die grössten Erfolge [Greatest Hits]. CD music. #92921202. 1998. 3 disc set in slip-case. 45 tracks in total. Text in German. Fine with original liner notes; the slip-case is slightly worn. $15.00

[Comedian Harmonists]. The Harmonists. Directed by Joseph Vilsmaier. Starring Ben Becker, Heino Ferch, Ulrich Noethen, Heinrich Schafmeister, Max Tidof, Kai Wisinger, Meret Becker. 1999. 115 minutes. DVD with widescreen format. In German with English subtitles. Fine copy. $14.00

The Comedian Harmonists was a popular singing group in the 1930s but had several Jewish members. It was forced to disband by the Nazi authorities.

Europa Europa. Directed by Agnieszka Holland. Based on the autobiography by Solly Perel. Starring Marco Hofschneider, Julie Delpy, Hanns Zischler. 1990. 94 minutes. In German and Russian with optional English subtitles. DVD with widescreen format. Fine copy with original liner notes. $18.00

Die Fälscher. Directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky. Starring Karl Markovics, August Diehl, David Striesow. 2007. 99 minutes. Widescreen format. In German with optional subtitles. Fine copy with original artwork. $18.00

The EdukatorsDie fetten Jahre sind vorbei. Directed by Hans Weingartner. Screenplay by Katharina Held, Hans Weingartner. Starring Daniel Brühl, Julia Jentsch, Stipe Erecg, Burghart Klaußner. 2004. 130 minutes. Color. In German with English subtitles. DVD with widescreen format. Fine copy with original artwork. $20.00

Two social revolutionaries break into the homes of the wealthy and rearrange their prized possessions. They leave one of two messages: Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei [The years of plenty are over] or Sie haben zu viel Geld [You have too much money] and sign them die Erziehungsberectigten. This latter does not seem to be translatable into English, but ‘Rectifiers’ might do. In any event, for the two young men things change dramatically when a girlfriend gets involved. The three end up kidnapping one of the home-owners who turns out to have had a background similar to their own. Incidentally, the English title chosen for the film is wrong in both English and German.

Fox and His Friends. Directed by Rainber Werner Fassbinder. New Yorker. 1975. Starring Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Peter Chatel, Karl-Heinz Böhm, Harry Bär, Adrian Hoven. 1975. VHS Movie. 123 minutes. Color. In German with English subtitles. Fine copy in original slip-case. $15.00

One of Fassbinder’s best films, about class and exploitation. The hero, played by Fassbinder himself, is a none too intelligent performer in a circus who wins a small fortune in a lottery. His money, and to a certain extent his body, appeals to others who want it for their own ends.

Hitler In Colour. Produced by David Batty. Narrated by Brian Cox. Warner Vision International. 2004. 80 minutes. Fine copy with liner notes. $15.00

Leander, Zarah: Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein [Because Love Can be a Transgression]. EMI Electrola: 538-1598592. Music CD with original artwork, 16 tracks. Fine copy in jewel case. $22.00

Zarah Leander (1907-1981) was a Swedish actress and singer. She became a star in Germany, especially after securing a contract with the film studio UFA in 1936. In 1943, when life in Berlin became dangerous because of the Allied bombing, she moved back to Sweden. She was well connected—admired by Josef Goebbels and others in power—yet she never actually supported the Nazi régime. However her association with it was enough to tarnish her reputation after the War. Her songs have a quality which anyone interested in the period may want to hear. One in particular, "Ich weiß, es wird einmal ein Wunder gescheh'n" ["I know a miracle will happen some day"], was much liked, perhaps because of its ironic lyrics. It is one of the songs included on this album.

Da Leben des AnderenDas Leben des Anderen. Directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. Starring Martina Gedeck, Ulrich Mühe, Sebastian Koch, Ulrich Tikur. 2006. 138 minutes. In German with English subtitles. DVD with widescreen format. Fine copy with original artwork. $25.00

Der neunte Tag. Directed by Volker Schlöndorff. Written by Eberhard Goerner and Andreas Pfleuger. Based on the diary of Jean Bernard, Pfarerblock 25487. Starring Ulrich Matthes, August Diehl, Bibiana Beglau, Germain Wagner. 2004. 93 minutes. In German with optional English subtitles. DVD with widecreen format. Fine copy with original artwork. $25.00

A priest from Luxembourg is incarcerated in Dachau. He is given nine days leave to return home and persuade the local bishop to collaborate with the Nazis. A remarkable film with memorable performances by all.

So weit die Füsse tragen. Directed by Hardy Martins. Starring Bernhard Bettermann, Michael Mendl, Anatoly Kotenyov, Irina Pataeva, Iris Bohm, Hans Uwe Bauer. 2003. 122 minutes. In German with English subtitles. Fine copy with original artwork. $18.00

SS-3, The Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich. Directed by Jan and Krystyna Kaplan. Narrated by John Schrapnel. Commentary by Callum MacDonald, based on his book. International Historic Films. 1992. VHS Movie. 56 minutes. Black & white. Fine copy in a slip-case which lacks the top flap. $35.00

This is a documentary about the life, and particularly the death, of Reinhard Heydrich who was a sinister figure close to Himmler in the Nazi police and was one of the main officials responsible for the implementation of the “final solution to the Jewish problem.” As a reward for his efforts—or perhaps to get him out of the way—he was made Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia. He took up his duties in Prague and began to move the national economy successfully to the war effort. However his time was short, for the Czech exiles in England had sent a team to kill him. They wounded him severely on May 27th, 1942. His death on June 4th occasioned a state funeral in the presence of Hitler. Part of this film is staged by actors and so is not genuine. Yet under the supervision of Callum MacDonald, who wrote a most interesting book on Heydrich, it is all entirely accurate and presents this very dramatic story in a way one can not forget.

Stalingrad. Directed by Joseph Vilsmaier. Starring Dominique Horwitz, Thomas Kretschmann, Jochen Nickel, Sebastian Rudolph, Hanno Huth, Günter Rohrbach. 1993. 150 minutes. DVD with widescreen format. Fine copy with original liner notes. $18.00

Strafbataillon 999 [Punishment Battalion]. Directed by Harald Philipp. International Historic Films. 1959. Starring Werner Peters, George Thomas, Sonja Ziemann. 1959. VHS Movie. 103 minutes. Black & white. In German with English subtitles. Fine copy in original slip-case which lacks top flap. $30.00

The Strafbataillon was for criminals and enemies of the state. They were put in the most forward combat positions where death was extremely likely.

Strauss, Johann, Emmerich Kálmán, Franz Lehár: Operetten Festival. Includes Strauss: Der Zigeunerbaron, Eine Nacht in Venedig; Lehár: Das Land des Lächelns, Die lustige Witwe; Kálmán: Die Csárdásfürstin, Gräfin Mariza. Performed by a number of singers and orchestras, but among the latter are the Chor und Kölner Rundfunk-Orchester, directed by Franz Marszalek and Orchester der Wiener Volksoper, conducted by Franz Bauer-Theussl. Music CD. Brilliant Classics. 2001. #6217. 5 disc set. Slip-case. Fine set with liner notes. $12.00

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