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Anderson, Janice: A Celebration of Scotland. Photography by David Lyons. Chatwell Books. Edison: 2008. Oblong. Pictorial boards. Pp. 448. Index. Fine copy in dj. A magnificent tour of Scotland! $32.00

Paul Bailey: The Oxford Book of LondonBailey, Paul (editor): The Oxford Book of London. Oxford University Press. Oxford, 1995. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. As new in dj. $18.00

Ballard, Robert D.: Exploring Our Living Planet. National Geographic Society. Washington: 1988. Revised edition. 4to. Cloth. Illustrated: including 97 paintings, diagrams and maps. Index. Fine copy in dj. $8.50

Brock, P. W., Rear Admiral, and Basil Greenhill: Steam and Sail: In Britain and North America, 80 Photographs Mainly from the National Maritime Museum Depicting British and North American Naval, Merchant and Special Purpose Vessels of the Period of Transition from Sail to Steam. The Payne Press. Princeton: 1973. First edition. Small 4to. Cloth. Pp. 112. Illustrated. Short Reading List. Index. Fine copy in dj has several small tears dust-jacket. $10.00

Brodkey, Harold: My Venice. Photographs by Giuseppe Bruno. Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt and Company. New York: 1998. First American edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. (x), 116, (ii). Fine copy in dj. $10.00

This book, which was originally published in a German translation in 1997, includes some of the author's previous work, along with various unpublished notes and essays.

Campbell, Roy: Taurine Provence. Desmond Harmsworth. London: 1952. First edition. 4to. Cloth. V. S. Pritchett's copy with his initials on first free paste-down endpaper. Covers slightly soiled; back-strip faded; no dj. $85.00

Peter Carmichael: NomadsCarmichael, Peter: Nomads. Collins & Brown. London: 1991. First edition. 4to. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

Chatwin, Bruce: Anatomy of Restlessness, Selected Writings 1969-89. Edited by Jan Borm and Matthew Graves. Viking. New York, 1996. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $28.00

Chatwin, Bruce: The Songlines. Viking. New York: 1987. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $28.00

[Chatwin, Bruce], Nicholas Shakespeare: Bruce Chatwin. The Harvill Press/Jonathan Cape. London: 1999. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xiv, 592, (ii). Illustrated: (24) pp. of plates. Notes. Index. Near fine copy in dust-jacket. $45.00

Cocker, Mark: Loneliness and Time, The Story of British Travel Writing. Pantheon Books. New York: 1992. First American Edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. x, 294. Illustrated: (8) pp. of plates. Notes. Checklist. Index. Red mark on top edge. Fine copy in dj. $16.00

[Columbus, Christopher], Laurence Bergreen: Columbus, The Four Voyages. Viking Press. New York: 2011. First published. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. xx, 424, (iv). Illustrated: (48) pp. of plates. Maps. Notes on Sources. Selected Bibliography. Index. Fine copy in dust-jacket. $10.00

Craig, Patricia (editor): The Oxford Book of Travel Stories. Oxford University Press. Oxford: 1996. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. As new in dj. $18.00

Kevin Crossley-Holland: The Oxford Books of Travel VerseCrossley-Holland, Kevin (chosen and edited by): The Oxford Book of Travel Verse. Oxford University Press. Oxford: 1986. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xxxiv, 430. Fine copy in dj.

Crowl, Philip A.: The Intelligent Traveller's Guide to Historic Scotland. Congdon & Weed. New York: 1986. First edition.8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. xxii, 628, (vi). Maps on end-papers. Gazetteer. The Best of Scotland. Selected Readings. Index. Edges a little foxed, else near fine in back-strip panel of dj slightly faded. Hardcover. $6.50

Curry-Lindahl, Kai: The Continents We Live On: Europe, A Natural History. Chanticleer Press Edition/Random House. New York: 1964. First edition. Folio. Cloth. Pp. 300. Illustrated. Map on end-papers. Index. Near fine copy in dj. $10.00

Dock, Jr., George: Audubon's Birds of America. Harry N. Abrams. New York: 1979. First thus. 4to. Paper-bound. Pp. (vi), 170. Illustrated. Index of Illustrations. Fine copy. $10.00

Dorling Kindersley: Eyewitness Travel Guides China. Project Editor: Hugh Thompson and Kathryn Lane. Main Contributors: Donald Bedford, Deh-Ta Hsiung et al. DK. New York: 2005. First American Edition. Small 8vo. Pictorial boards. Pp. 672. Illustrated. Index etc. Covers very slightly worn, else near fine copy. $8.50

Droit, Michel: Camargue. Translated by Ernest and Adair Heimann. Photographs by Michele Brabo and Serge Holtz. Rand McNally & Co. New York: 1961. First edition. 4to. Cloth. Fine copy in a slightly frayed dj. $12.00

The Camargue is the isolated region of brackish lagoons and reedy swamps in the south of France which tourists seldom visit.

Fowles, John. Islands. Photographs by Fay Godwin. Little, Brown. Boston: 1978. First American edition. Small 4to. Cloth. Dj has a few small tears and somefraying, else fine copy. $18.00

This is about the Scilly isles which are off the south-west coast of England. But by extension it is “about the mysteries, symbolic and real, of all similarly situated small islands . . .”

Fussell, Paul: Abroad, British Literary Traveling Between the Wars. Oxford University Press. New York: 1980. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Fine copy in a price-clipped dj. $20.00

Garrett, Martin: Provence, A Cultural History. Oxford University Press. New York: 2006. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xxxii, 226, (vi). Appendix. Index of Literary and Historical Names. Fine copy in dj. $16.00

Geser, Rudolf: Classic Cycle Races of Europe, 23 Race Routes to Ride Yourself. Foreword by Graham Watson. Translated by David Adam. Springfield Book Limited. Huddersfield: 1993. First edition thus. 4to. Pictorial boards. Pp. 144. Illustrated. Fine copy in dj. $8.50

Goddard, Donald: Blimey! Another Book About London. Quadrangle Books. New York: 1972. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. viii, 214. Illustrated: (64) pp. of plates. List of venues. Glossary (British/American). Index. Fine copy in dj. $6.00

“London's fleshpots are as comprehensive as her cultural facilities, and no less accommodating.” Horribly out of date, but still an entertaining look at this wonderful city. And in case you did not know, ‘banger’ is a kind of sausage.

Griffin, Nicholas: Caucasus. St. Martin's Press. New York: 2003. First U.S. edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. (xiv), 242. Illustrated: (8) pp. of plates. Maps. Checklist. Index. Fine copy in dj. $8.50

Guinness, Desmond and William Ryan: Irish Houses & Castles. Crescent Books. New York: 1971. First U.S. edition. Large 8vo. Pp. 352. Map. Illustrated: 371 plates in including 51 in color plus 33 plans. Checklist. Index. Near fine copy in price-clipped dj. $18.00

Gunn, Judith and Wendell: Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Its Legends and Landmarks. Sketches by Mario Castillo, Carlos Garay, Arturo López Rodesno, Anthony Winker-Prinz. Instituto Hondureño de Cultura Interamericana. Tegucigalpa: 1966. First printing (of an edition of 1500 copies). 8vo. 28 pp. stapled into printed paper covers. Illustrated. Covers just a bit foxed and frayed. $10.00

Diane Johnson: Into a Paris QuartierJohnson, Diane: Into a Paris Quartier, Reine Margot's Chapel and Other Haunts of St.-Germain. National Geographic. Washington: 2005. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. (xiv), 206, (iv). Map. Illustrated. Fore-edges untrimmed. Fine copy in fine dust-jacket. $10.00

Lee, Laurie: I Can't Stay Long. Andre Deutsch. London: 1975. Decorations by Susan Campbell. Frontispiece by William Thomson. First edition. 8vo. Boards. ‘Shakespeare and Company’ (Paris) rubber stamp on first free end-paper. Dj and edges of covers a bit frayed. $45.00

Artemis Cooper: Patrick Leigh Fermor[Leigh Fermor, Patrick], Artemis Cooper: Patrick Leigh Fermor, An Adventure. John Murray. London: 2012. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xiv, 448. Illustrated: frontispiece, (16) pp. of plates. Appendices. Notes. Index. Fine copy in dust-jacket. $28.00

[Mallory, George Leigh], Conrad Anker and David Roberts: The Lost Explorer, Finding Mallory on Mount Everest. Simon & Schuster. New York: 1999. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. 192. Illustrated. Index. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

[Mallory, George Leigh and Andrew Irvine], Peter Firstbrook: The Search for Mallory & Irvine. McClelland & Stewart Inc. Toronto: 1999. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. 224. Illustrated. Maps. Index. Fine copy in dj. $12.00

Matthews, Kenneth D, Jr.: Cities in the Sand, Leptis Magna and Sabratha in Roman Africa. Photographs by Alfred W. Cook. University of Pennsylvania Press. Philadelphia: 1957. First edition. Large 8vo. Cloth. Pp. 160. Illustrated. Maps. Index. Very good copy in slightly worn dust-jacket. $12.00

Maugham, Robin: Nomad. Chapman & Hall. London: 1947. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Very good copy in dj. $35.00

Robin Maugham was wounded in North Africa during the War. He took his convalescent leave travelling in the Middle East: “It is impossible to separate my illness completely from the story I want to tell, because it is part of the plot.”

Mikhailov, Nikolai Nikolaevich (text), and Natalya Shemiatenkova (comments and captions): Russia, The Land and People of the Soviet Union. Photographs by Dieter Blum. Harrison House/Harry N. Abrams, Inc. New York: 1985. First edition thus. 4to. Cloth. Pp. 188. Fine copy in dj. $12.00

Moorehead, Alan: The Blue Nile. Harper & Row. New York: 1962. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Fine copy, dj has two tiny tears. $22.00

Morris, Jan: Locations. Oxford University Press. Oxford: 1992. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

Morris, Jan: Pleasures of a Tangled Life. Barrie & Jenkins. London: 1989. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. A personal journey involving travel, biography, history, and autobiography celebrating the good things of life. $15.00

Morris, Jan: Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere. End-paper map by Anita Karl and Jim Kemp. Simon & Schuster. New York: 2001. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. 208. Dust-jacket has small oil stain, else fine copy. $32.00

L. Russell Muirhead-EnglandMuirhead, L. Russell (editor): England. Ernest Benn. London: 1939. Fourth Edition. Small 8vo. Blue cloth. Pp. lxxvi, 644. Numerous fold-out maps. Index. Near fine copy in dj. $10.00

A guide book, part of this publisher's Blue Guides series, about England as it was just before the outbreak of World War II. Remarkably interesting.

National Geographic Society: National Geographic Expeditions Atlas. Edited by Tom Melham et. al. Foreword by Peter H. Raven. National Geographic Society. Washington: 2000. First edition. 4to. Boards. Pp. 310. Illustrated. Index. One page has a two-inch tear; else near fine copy in dj. $6.00

Norwich, John Julius: Paradise of Cities, Venice in the 19th Century. Doubleday. New York: 2003. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. xxiv, 344. Frontispiece. Checklist. Index. Corners slightly bumped; else fine copy in dj. $15.00

Norwich, John Julius: A Taste For Travel, An Anthology. Knopf. New York: 1987. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. As new in dj. $18.00

Pitt-Rivers, Anthony: Dorset Churches. Sketches by Eric Roberts. Dorset Historic Churches Trust. Dorchester: 1988. First edition. Small 4to. Paper-bound. Pp. 64. Illustrated. Fine copy. $3.00

Raban, Jonathan: Arabia, A Journey Through the Labyrinth. Simon and Schuster. New York: 1979. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Edges a little soiled; else a fine copy in dj. $20.00

Raban, Jonathan: Passage to Juneau, A Sea and Its Meanings. Pantheon Books. New York: 1999. 8vo. Tone-tone boards. Pp. (viii), 436, (ii). Maps on end-papers. Fine copy in dj. $10.00

Russell, John: Paris. Abrams. New York, 1983. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. As new in dj. $38.00

Sheehy, Terence: Journey Through Ireland. Gallery Books. New York: 1986. First edition. Oblong 8vo. Pictorial boards. Pp. (iv), 116. Illustrated. Fine copy in dj with one one-inch tear. $3.00

Smolan, Rick and David Cohen (project directors): A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union, Photographed by 100 of the world's leading photojournalists on one day, May 15, 1987. Collins Publishers. New York: 1987. First edition. Folio. Ppp. 240. Illustrated. Former owner's signature on first free end-paper; else fine copy in dj. $12.00

Swinglehurst, Edmund: The Romantic Journey, The Story of Thomas Cook and Victorian Travel. Harper & Row. New York: 1974. First U.S. edition. Small 4to. Boards. Pp. 208. Illustrated. Index. Near fine copy in dj. $5.00

 (Thailand): Eyewitness Travel Guides: Thailand. D K Publishing, Inc. London: 1997. First American Edition (reprinted?). Small 8vo. Flexible boards. Fine copy. $16.00

Paul Theroux: Fresh-Air FiendTheroux, Paul: Fresh-Air Fiend, Travel Writings, 1985-2000. McClelland & Stewart, Inc. Toronto: 2000. First edition thus. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xxiv, 454. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

Theroux, Paul: The Happy Isles of Oceania, Paddling the Pacific. Putnam's. New York: 1992. First edition. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

Theroux, Paul: The Kingdom By the Sea, A Journey Around the Coast of Great Britain. Hamish Hamilton. London: 1983. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $28.00

Theroux, Paul: The Pillars of Hercules, A Grand Tour of the Mediterranean. Putnam's Sons. New York: 1995. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

Theroux travelled completely around the Mediterranean, through Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa. He describes his many experiences, not all of them favorable.

Theroux, Paul: To the Ends of the Earth, Selected Travels. Random House. New York: 1991. First edition. 8vo. cloth-backed boards. As new in dj. $15.00

Thesiger, Wilfred: The Last Nomad, One Man's Forty Year Adventure in the World's Most Remote Deserts, Mountains and Marshes. E. P. Dutton. New York: 1980. First American edition. 4to. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. 304. (ii). 10 maps. Glossary. Index. First free end-paper clipped, else very good in very good dust-jacket. $42.00

Wilfred Thesiger: My Kenya DaysThesiger, Wilfred: My Kenya Days. HarperCollins Publishers. New York: 1994. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xvi, 224. Illustrated. Glossary. Map. Index. Fine copy in dj. $35.00

[Thesiger, Wilfred], Alexander Maitland: Wilfred Thesiger, The Life of the Great Explorer. The Overlook Press. New York: 2011. First edition thus. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. xvi, 528. Maps. Family Tree. Illustrated: (24) pp. of plates. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Fine copy in dj. $22.00

Thubron, Colin: Behind the Wall, A Journey Through China. Atlantic Monthly Press. New York, 1987. First printing. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

Having learned Mandarin, the author set out on a 10,000 mile journey through China by foot, bicycle and train to experience “the land of a billion uncomprehended people.”

Tillier, Alan (main contributor): Eyewitness Travel Guides, Paris. Dorling Kindersley. London: 1999. Reprinted. 8vo. Stiff pictorial paper. Pp. 432. Illustrated. Maps. Index. Fine copy without dj as issued. $5.00

Van der Post, Laurens: A Portrait of All the Russias. Hogarth Press. London: 1967. Photographs by Burt Glinn. First edition. 4to. cloth. Fine copy in a slightly torn dj. $45.00

Wallace, David Rains (Consultant Editor): The Walker's Companion. Introduction by Ann H. Zwinger. Illustrated by Cathy Johnson. Contributions by Elizabeth Ferber, Bill & Margaret Forbes, Cathy Johnson, Jenna Kinghorn, Mary Kuhner, John M. Murray, Jann Westmore. The Nature Company/Time Life Books/Weldon Owen. McMahon Point: 1995. First edition. Tall 8vo. Pictorial boards. Pp. 288. Illustrated. Further Reading. Index and Glossary. Fine copy in dj. $8.50

Edmund White: Our ParisWhite, Edmund: Our Paris, Sketches From Memory. Drawings by Hubert Sorin. Alfred A. Knopf. New York: 1995. Small 4to. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj.$15.00

Wilson, A. N. (editor): The Norton Book of London. W. W. Norton. New York: 1995. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. As new in dj. $20.00

A wide-ranging reader about a favorite city with impressions from residents and observers from the 12th Century to the present, including Ben Jonson's satires on London low-life and Shaw's story of the wonderful Cockney character Eliza Doolittle.

Wilson, Angus: Reflections in a Writer's Eye, Travel Pieces. Viking. New York: 1986. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. As new in dj. $14.00

Wilson, Angus (Introduction): England. The Viking Press. New York: 1971. Photographs by Edwin Smith. Notes on the plates by Olive Cook. First edition. 4to. Pp. 224. Covers just a little faded along edges. Dj has a 1-inch tear. Else a fine copy. $15.00

Wroth, Katharine (edited by): White Mountain Guide, A Centennial Retrospective. Compiled by the Staff of AMC Books. Appalachian Mountain Club. Boston: 2007. First edition. Oblong. Boards. Pp. (viii), 222, (ii). Illustrated. Fine copy. No. dj. $16.00

Zuckoff, Mitchell: Lost in Shangri-La, A True Story of Survival, Adventure and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II. HarperCollins. New York: 2011. Reprinted. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. xiv, 384, (ii). Cast of Characters. Notes. Index. Inscribed by the author on half-title, and signed by him on the title-page.The ink of his signature has penetrated through to the copyright page, else fine copy in dj. The author is a professor of journalism at Boston University, and in this copy a leather bookmark, stamped Boston University/College of Communication, is laid in. $40.00

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